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For Tech Companies

We focus on candidate search and assessment for production processing & design, metal workers, CNC operations, welding, metal folding, installation professionals, construction specialists, mechanics, engineering, tech design, electronics and IoT.

Empowering your search for ideal employees

Easy Start

Flexible contracts, fast start, your own project manager.

Tech Only

We focus on tech professions only, we know what and how to test prior offering candidate to you.

Know The Candidate

Digital Candidate Imaging to enhance knowledge on candidates beyond humans eye capabilities.

TeTa enables more aware, digital rich and error-free recruitment of tech talents.

Tomasz Zembrzycki, CEO

short intro of our tools

define candindate TeTa

We you through guide the process of detailed candidate description.

Sourcing TeTa

We find the most promising places, where ideal candidate could be found. Also abroad. We speak several languages.

Single guy TeTa

Only one manager is responsible for all matters between TeTa and your Company.

Digital Candidate Imaging

TeTa engages many digital tools while assessing candidates in order to enhance our knowledge about candidates.

Video analysis

Our video analysis ensures we know more about the real background of the answer we get from candidates

Assessment fraud free

TeTa engages AI and scientific test metodologies to ensure our candidate tests are as safe as fort Knox.

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Tests & Certificates
Candidates Per Month
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